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Do you believe you can’t be spiritual and wealthy?

June 13, 2011

Admit it – do you feel deep down that you can’t be both spiritual and wealthy? If you’re one of the thousands of therapists who have deep-seated beliefs that when you’re earning money, you’re not being spiritual then you’re running on a negative pattern of self-sabotage… Are you suffering from the symptoms:

 –        You work really hard – but never seem to make much progress?

–        When money comes in – so do the bigger bills?

–        You can’t attract enough full-fee paying clients?

Even though we’re not aware of them, all of us are running on sub-conscious beliefs that – until we investigate them – get in the way of our success. For example, you may have been told as a child that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or that “you should never try to get above your station in life”. 

While the comments may have been made by parents who were keen to teach their children not to be demanding, the result often is a “poverty mentality”. When we think “poor”, we give off “an energy” of poverty.  And sadly, because of the Universal Law which states “like attracts like” what we give out is what we attract. Learning to change – consciously – the pattern is vital if you’re to succeed in your therapy practice.

Changing your thinking is as simple as deciding that what may have been right for your parents and teachers isn’t necessarily right for you. It’s also about giving your conscious mind some positive – and believable – reasons for changing its patterns.

Firstly, in order to create an ideal world, we must learn to be mutually interdependent. This means that while we’re able to look after ourselves, we’re also able to rely on others to provide us with what we need – and at the same time, they can rely on us providing them with what they need. Or in other words, wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on doing what you do best, which would mean that you’d be earning enough to pay others to do what they do best. 

When you’re living with a poverty mindset, you have the belief that you can’t afford to pay anyone else – which is why you end up doing the jobs you probably loathe! 

For example, if you’re a fantastic therapist but hate bookkeeping, it’s best for everyone if you focus on attracting new clients – and with a small proportion of what you earn, you can then afford to pay someone else to look after your financial affairs! (And remember that all the while you’re doing your own books in this scenario, you’re doing a book keeper out of a job – how spiritual is that?!) 

Manifesting is an important aspect of spirituality and it’s only the ego – not your soul – that believes you shouldn’t have oodles of money if you’re spiritual. The Universe is abundant!

As therapists, we’re also teachers – by example. If we’re to inspire others to a better way of being, then we’re far more likely to win hearts and minds if we’re successful and are obviously enjoying what we do.

Finally, ask yourself how spiritual it really is to live a life of poverty, stress and worry? Start to see yourself as the co-creator of your own existence – and realise that you’re much more in charge of your own destiny than you may ever have believed!


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