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Have you got to grips with “The Secret”?

May 26, 2011

The ancient Law of Attraction has recently been brought up to date with the publication of the hot selling, enigmatically titled book and DVD called simply, “The Secret”.

If nothing else, the concept is certainly working for the group of individuals behind the project. At last count, more than two million copies have changed hands – with word-of-mouth-marketing being the only promotional tool!

Complied by Rhonda Byrne, many renowned self-help gurus have also lent their name to “The Secret”. So, how do you actually get the Law of Attraction to work in your life? Depending on whether you’re a logical, analytical business-type, or a more intuitive, ethereal creature there are two takes on the subject…You pays your money…and you takes your choice!

For the business types: Turning a creative idea into reality requires belief, planning and implementation. In order to guarantee any project’s success, first get “buy-in” from everyone involved.  A thumbs-up from people who secretly don’t believe in the project’s success will result in passive aggressive behaviour, which is both expensive and frustrating. The second step is to plan for the project. An easy way to do this is visualise the outcome as though it had already happened. From this endpoint, simply “re-wind” the video and work out what had to happen in order for the vision to become a reality. The third and final step is to take action – and implement the plan.  The trick here is to remain flexible when obstacles inevitably arise – and yet firmly focused on the end goal. 

It’s a simple three step process: 1. Get everyone’s buy-in for the project, 2. Plan the major steps needed to turn the vision into reality and 3. Implement the plan – remain focused on the “what” but “flexible” as to the how.

For the intuitive types: The secret of manifesting – whether it’s money, a happy relationship or better health that you’re after – is to focus your thoughts on what you want.  Whatever you spend your time thinking about is what you create. Many people waste their thoughts – and manifesting abilities – by focusing on what they don’t want. Don’t fall into this ego trap.  Instead, take one dream at a time and focus your thinking upon it.  But even this isn’t enough. To manifest your dreams, you must also feel them – as though they had come true already.  Your emotions are energy in motion (e-motion) and when you feel the heady excitement and fluttering in your heart of your dreams come true you are much, much closer to manifesting what you want. And yet even this isn’t enough.  What will guarantee your manifesting capability is to take physical ACTION!

It’s a simple three step process: 1. Focus your thinking, 2. Delight in your feelings (as though the dream had already manifested) and 3. Take physical action to make your dream a reality.

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